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  1. Ned Triggs

    Hi Norbert – Nice to have this space to explore. – Thanks.!! I will for sure stop in periodically : ). Ciao for now. <3 <3.

  2. Makeda Saba

    (Reference to the story titled: Remembering the Eritrea-Ethiopia Border War)
    A month later there were still bodies in the no mans land and birds would fall from the trees dead

  3. Rebecca Keeshen

    I was at Brandeau too, in 1979 – 81. I found out about it after meeting Peter Dunning on the Magic Bus from London to Athens. He’s the Peter from Rhodesia you talked about in your article. We’re still Facebook friends (he’s back in Zimbabwe). I also became good buddies with Nick (Barnet) from Slough, as I lived in London a lot during those years. We’ve lost touch though.

    As a coincidence, I emailed Brandeau yesterday because I noticed a young Belgian couple had taken it over and I wanted to wish them well. The reply I got today wasn’t from them, it was from Fox! Here’s what she said:

    “Sw France is particularly beautiful this year, despite climate change. Antony and Andrea still live in the ‘big house’. The ‘grand rangs’ are now vege garden and sheep pasture. I live in the watermill below St Philippe, 5 mins from Brandeau by car. You are very welcome to visit…”

    I was just in Provence last month and wish I’d found a way to get to Brandeau. I will try to make it there before too much longer, cuz none of us are getting any younger.

    Thanks for the write up and the pictures. I have ones that look just the same!

  4. Mary Katherine Russell

    Very much enjoyed the photos. Left Egypt in mid 1992 after living there a second time, 1988-1991. The first time was 1978-1982. During that stay, I visited some of the oases so your photos were of particular interest. Also, I knew Cassandra Vivian, took a photography course from her, and purchased some of her framed, photographic art of Egypt.

    Sorry your book about Egypt is unpublished. I would have been interested in owning a copy.

    Thanks for the lovely photographic journey through time into the remote areas.

    Mary Russell

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