Catlantic Travel: Minneapolis, Minnesota to Athens, Greece

Due to an unexpected change in our family life we had to move our cats, Zeeko and Misha, from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Greece where we spend a good deal of time.

Since we became a family, most of our feline companions had to adapt to a mobile lifestyle, except for Zeeko and Misha who had only known Minnesota as a home. Suddenly we were faced with the daunting task of taking them on a transatlantic trip that included a transit stop before reaching the final destination.

In the past, traveling with pets was relatively easy and all that was required was a vaccination book and a certification by the destination country. As the years went by, the regulations became increasingly demanding with the introduction of microchips, additional vaccines, blood tests etc. However, the post COVID era is a different ballgame. Flying with our cats from Minneapolis to Athens via Amsterdam required weeks of preparation and paperwork that involved the veterinarian, the US Department of Agriculture, the airline, and the EU. All this required conducting extensive research and following a strict timeline to meet regulations. On the other hand, we had to make sure that our pets’ experience was as stress free as possible, a considerable feat when dealing with cats. With our daughter Alexandra’s guidance, we made a list of travel supplies that included the best airline compliant carrier to the calming blankets, the anti-anxiety medication, hydrating treats, disposable litter box, etc.

After all this preparation and anticipation, everything seemed to work out despite the few surprises along the way. Most importantly, the kitties make it to Greece and are well settled.

If you have similar plans to travel with your feline family members, feel free to contact us for more information on how best to prepare yourself and your feline family.

Here is a 5 minute video version of our trip starring Z&M

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